Anti-Virus Software

Anti Virus software needs to be reliable & resilient to adequately protect today’s vulnerable operating systems and applications. Our experience and knowledge of past and present vulnerabilities, along with the knowledge of your network helps guide us to the proper Anti Virus solution your company needs.

Anti-Spam Software

Spam has gotten worse over the years, we realize that. Our solution comes in two forms, hosting and hardware; Companies are under constant attack, if you have an email address spam will eventually find its way to you. We can help, give us a call and let us take a look at your current configuration, we’ll be happy to provide you with a solid solution.

Anti-Malware Software

Most people think that Viruses and Malware are the same, this is partially correct. Malware stands for Malicious Software and can carry other types of software such as viruses, trojan horses, worms, spyware, and adware. Through our intuitive understanding of your network, we’ll recommend the proper security software to protect your business.

Hosted Email

Are you happy with your current email provider? Do you have problems connecting your email accounts to multiple mobile devices? Are you tired of hearing that your email provider doesn’t have all the functionality you’re looking for? We can help. Email has been our area of concentration since we started R&B IT Solutions; we know the importance of email communications and understand how email flows through the internet. Give us a call and share your problems, we would love to help.

Web Site Filtering

Websites can be a front for Malware Software waiting to attack your systems. Every time you click on an internet shared link, a document, a video, or play music through your web browser, you are risking an attack. If you want to stop the attacks before the reach your computer, give us a call, we can provide the solution your looking for.

System Monitoring Software

24/7, that’s that uptime you need from your Servers. If a major problem with the services you depend on were in jeopardy, wouldn’t it be nice if someone knew about it. With a monitoring system that alerts all of our engineers at the same time, we have the edge. If one engineer is unavailable, another has seen the issue and will start a ticket for the incident.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is more than “hosting” a website, and It takes more than a server and hard drive space to accomplish this. Because of the different services your business may require to perform certain functions over the internet, you may have multiple items that come up for renewal year after year, and if one of those items expire that could mean an interruptions in your business’ communications. We take hosting to the next level. While we understanding the complexities of the Web, we also know that most clients aren’t aware of all the moving parts. We don’t just Host your web site, we manage and protect your Web Presence!