Backup Services

Losing valuable data is the stuff nightmares are made off. At R&B IT Solutions we understand the anxiety that comes with the territory, and want to ensure your business’s important documents are always in safekeeping.

Successful business management is all about eliminating risk—and the same goes for your company’s backup systems. You never know when the unexpected can occur, be it human error or Mother Nature’s doing; the only defense is to be well prepared. At R&B we have years of experience in utilizing the latest technologies to safeguard your system. We offer onsite and offsite backup solutions that can recover a single file or your entire server without compromising the integrity of your domain.

When problems do arise, a speedy recovery is imperative. We can assist you in reducing your risk and strategizing for the unexpected. We consider everything from future offsite data storage needs to replication solutions that can maintain any business continuation plan. By implementing forward-thinking protocol before a situation surfaces, we’ll have your business back on track in no time—and you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing your company’s critical data is always recoverable.

Our Approach

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What this means in plain English

With R&B IT Solutions managing your Backup Services you can expect:

  1. Better performance
  2. Increased reliability
  3. Overall improvement in your business productivity